ASB – Arbeiter Samariter Bund Deutschland e.V. (Germany)

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The ASB is a modern relief and charity organisation. The First Aid training, the medical and rescue service as well as the disaster management are among its classical fields of work. In addition, it offers a broad range of supervision possibilities for old and sick people or people with a disability. Children are promoted and supported in ASB kindergartens, crèches and child day care centres as well as integrative facilities. The Worker Samaritan Youth (ASJ), the independent youth association of the ASB, promotes the social engagement of children and youths. The ASB overseas aid focuses on the international emergency aid in the event of a disaster as well as on reconstruction measures and structural aid. From the head office in Cologne the international patient return transport service of the ASB organises the worldwide transport for sick members and customers. 

Role and expertise

ASB has carried out several projects in the field of civil protection in collaboration with other organizations. ASB will host the 2nd flood Partner-meeting in Wiesbaden in the next few weeks.

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